Covid-19 Protocols


AUGUST 10, 2021

  1. Only students, Music Directors and support staff are allowed in the building during rehearsals.
  2. All adults and students must wear masks in order to enter the building and participate in rehearsals. 
  3. Each student is required to bring their own music, stand and water to rehearsals. 
  4. Students will be appropriately distanced from each other during rehearsals.   
  5. Rehearsal breaks will be held outside on the front lawn of the church.  
  6. Prior to each rehearsal or event, verification must be provided to the General Manager, stating the student is symptom free. Note:  Further details on the procedure for providing this will be available shortly.  We anticipate this can be done electronically.  

YPPLV’s ability to provide an in person experience depends on everyone following the above protocols.